Book Reviews!

At the Edge of the Universe

By: Shaun David Hutchinson


Hi everyone!! Aimee here! I thought it would be a fun idea to post some book reviews from the books I currently have read and see what you all think about it!

I just finished this book a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was good! If any of you know me, then you must know I have been on a Shaun David Hutchison kick! It started earlier in the year when I bought the first book of his that I have ever read called “We Are The Ants.” And let me tell YOU!!! I absolutely loved that book!! But this post isn’t about that book, it’s about this one!! So I’ll try and keep this simple haha!

Ok, I was going to give this two stars at first because I thought it simply took too long to get to the point. I was around pages 250-300 when I started thinking that, but when I got to the end, I actually got so emotional. I knew what was going to happen, and I understood that the book was taking so long because you had to understand everything that was happening in his life, but when I got to the end… OMG. I think it was so emotional for me because I just graduated from high school, and I completely understood the “void!” It made me feel like someone understood me and that other people think and feel the same way! His world was caving in, (the world shrinking) and I related and still relate to that sooooo much! In the end, Ozzie showed so much growth and that just gave me hope that I will grow as well because I am EXACTLY like Ozzie and am going through some of the stuff that he is going through as well!

BUT, I miss Calvin. ALLLLL I HAVE TO SAY!! I am so sad about the last scene with him and I will forever be salty about it haha.

I also loved this because just like “We Are the Ants,” this book is labeled as Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I don’t like Sci-Fi and Fantasy and the fact that I have loved every single one of his books blows my mind. The settings and things that happen in his books are out of this world (pun intended lol) but he has the capability to make it seem like our everyday lives which I truly love. I am currently reading his book “The Deathday Letter” which is the sixth book of his that I am reading in a row! I love that he deals so much with mental health and the lives of teenagers and families.

If you have read this book, please let us know in the comments down below what you thought of it! Also, what type of book reviews and posts you would like to see in the future! Thanks!!

Rated a whopping 4.15 on Goodreads!

some trigger warnings within the book: child abuse, self-harm, drugs, language, violence and more

Aimee out!