Book Reviews!

Dear Black Boy

BY: Martellus Bennett


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This book is a STUNNING WORK of art! This is such a motivational piece of work that is great to show your kid(s)! Here are some of the quotes within the book:

“…Run! For you can change the world for us all.”

“…for your dreams are valuable. No one can take those from you.”

“You deserve to dream the wildest dreams and to chase those dreams the same way you chase a loose ball in the fourth quarter, a running back breaking free down the sideline, or a fly ball in the outfield.”

“For the game of life is the greatest game you will ever play. Get out there and play your heart out. And remember, anything is possible!”

I think this is the book that is the push or simply just that reminder that some kids need to try and explore new things while they are young. I know I wish this book was out when I was a kid! Being a shy kid, I believe this book could have helped me slowly start to grow and motivate me to do things that weren’t in the norm for me and I would have been nervous to do in the first place! But I am so happy a motivational book such as this one is out there now for young kids to explore!

I hope you guys will love this book as much as I loved it!

(This picture book is a new addition to our library and is available for checkout in our children’s “New Additions” section” ) I hope you guys pick up this stunning book!!

See you all soon!