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2023 Booklovers’ Bash

Join us for our 2023 Booklover’s Bash!

WHEN: Saturday April 15th at 6 PM
WHERE: The Foundry, 318 Main Ave, Hawley PA 18428

Catering by the Wallenpaupack Area High School Culinary Students.
Music and Karaoke provided by Sound Wizards.
Beer, Wine, Coffee, Soda, and Water.

Caprese Skewers
(Marinated fresh mozzarella and tomatoes)
Melon and Strawberry Skewers

Cheese Ravioli with Pork Bolognese
Roasted Turkey Club Sliders

Fudge Brownies with Vanilla Frosting
Carrot Cake

Tickets are $45 per person – all food, beverages and entertainment included.
Get yours now – space is limited!

Fundraising Events

SAVE THE DATE for our Booklovers’ Bash!

Join us Saturday, April 15th at the Foundry at the Hawley Hub for our Booklovers’ Bash! This year the sophomore class members of the Wallenpaupack Area High School Culinary Arts program will be catering for us, and the Sound Wizards will be our music purveyors – for karaoke AND dancing! More information coming soon! Can you tell we’re EXCITED?!! WOO HOO, PARTY TIME!

News & Updates

HPL CLOSED Wednesday 1/25/23

We’ll be closed on Wednesday, January 25th 2023 due to the expected…do we have to say the word? Sure, it’s been a mild winter but still…okay, here we go…snow. We hope those of you who are winter aficionados have an awesome time and enjoy the fluffy stuff, and for those of you who don’t, perhaps we can interest you in a good book to snuggle up with? The digital library is ALWAYS open:

All you need is your library card…and if you’re having issues locating yours and need your number, email us at and we’ll look it up for you.

Stay safe if you’re out and about – see you Thursday!

Makerspace, News & Updates


We’ve been working on this project for nearly eighteen months, and we’re SO EXCITED that it’s time for the official launch!

Our entire lower level is now a dedicated family area, with our children’s library on one side and our family makerspace on the other. Geared for children 14 and under and their families, the makerspace is open whenever the library is, and it’s fully stocked with educational toys, games, arts & craft supplies, STEM kits, computers to use, and even a Nintendo Switch console for in-library gaming. ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

Stop in and play on the rug with educational toys, get creative with our arts & crafts supplies, build with Legos, and so much more. We can’t wait to show you all we have to offer!

New Books, Senior Fiction

Senior Fiction – the Savannah Valley Series

We are SO excited to be able to offer these for our patrons! Savannah Valley is a fictional retirement community for the mega rich, but their stories will resonate with anyone moving through the 50+ phase of life. Inspirational, positive, and all short enough to read in a single sitting if you’d like! Stop in and check ’em out!

This brand new series, brought to you by the Mark Victor Hansen Library, features Savannah Valley, an imaginary upscale retirement community situated outside of Savannah, GA, where people go to experience the next wonderful phase of their lives. “Life does not end when people retire, and we wanted our books to reflect the enormous possibilities for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and more,” said Mark Victor Hansen, Founder of the Mark Victor Hansen Library and co-creator of the #1 bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®.

Rich Widows of Savannah Valley: You’ve Earned It, Ladies by Mitzi Perdue, which is about four independent, wealthy women who come to this community to enjoy this next phase of their lives but discover that all is not what it seems to be. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Start with this one to get a feel for the Savannah Valley ‘universe’!

All About Henry: Rich Widower of Savannah Valley by Lyle Lee Jenkins starts with Henry and his beloved wife of almost 50 years. As they were preparing for their golden years, the unthinkable happened. Now it’s up to him to find a reason to move on.

Ruby: Magic Comes from the Heart by Randall Kenneth Jones is about a woman of untold mystery. Ruby’s almost effortless impact on the magic of Christmas is a spectacle to behold. She opens hearts as quickly as she opens wallets.

Nightingale: Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Tony Lopes is filled with intrigue, personal drama, and new awareness about investment and generational wealth. It is fraught with emotion when residents try to force Adelia out of Savannah Valley.

Maestro: Songteller of Savannah Valley by Rick and Stacie Fessler asks the question, “What if you could inspire people to achieve what they didn’t believe possible?” The world changes when you can help others realize their hopes and dreams no matter their age.

Love After: Dreams Still Come True by Russell Gray and Mona Guarino is a journey of a widow and widower who must face their golden years alone. But the love between them erupts like a dormant volcano and takes them both by surprise.

News & Updates

Happy Holidays!

We often find ourselves saying ‘we have the BEST jobs’, and it’s true…working to serve our wonderful community is such an incredible gift. Thanks from all of us here for supporting our library all year round – you make it possible for us to do what we do, and we’re so grateful!