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Creative Writing Workshop

Hi everyone!! (Again, if you are viewing this from Facebook or Twitter, please click on this so that you may see the post in its entirety)

This workshop is for YA & UP.

This is a creative writing workshop for all of our local writers!! This will happen once a month starting March 11th from 11-12PM during the school year!

Registration IS required!!

More information is on the flyer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment, send us a private message, or email me at

Hope to see you there!!

Children's Programs

Kids Creative Writing Workshop!

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This is a creative writing workshop for kids who has a passion for writing or if they would like to grow their creative writing skills! This will start March 4th (Once a month on Saturday) during the school year! Hope to see you there!!

(Read the flyer for more information if needed or email me at Any questions, or concerns, please leave them in the comments, or send us a private message.

Hope to see you there!! Have a great rest of your night!

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Welcome Back To… LEGO CLUB!!

Look down below in this post (if you are viewing from Facebook, please click on this) to see information on program and Jotform information. REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back! This program will start again on January 31st which is this upcoming Tuesday!! This will be every Tuesday, after school from 3-5!! Paws & Pages will be available as well for the kids that would like to read to Abby or Sophie! So you are welcome to do both!!

This program will have a limit so you NEED to sign up fast before the slots get taken.

In the Jotform, you can sign up for programs up to a full month! If you sign up and you can not attend a program, you MUST email me at least a day or two ahead of time! If you don’t attend for two in a row that you have signed up for, I am going to assume that you would not like to be part of the program, and I will let another kid that would love to join to come into the program. Of course exceptions are there is a family emergency or a medical emergency etc etc… Just please communicate with me through email and we will work together and get you signed up if needed.

Please follow all instructions and read everything on the Jotform.

Please follow all of our social medias accounts for media fun!!

News & Updates

Christmas Toy Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!!

If you or someone you know is in need of Christmas gifts this year, please come down and take a look at our selection of gifts!! No questions will be asked and anyone may take a look!! Please keep referring back to Facebook before you come down to make sure we are open due to weather or if it was moved etc… Donations of new or very gently used toys are accepted. Thank you!!

I hope you all come out to take a look at what we have!! We have wrapping paper available and a few Christmas cards if needed!!

Keep a look out on Instagram too as many updates are about to come up there as well!!

Hope to see you all soon!!

Book Reviews!

~The Christmas Princess~


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I thought since today is December 1st, this is new addition we got in that I HAD to review to celebrate the 1st!


I think this is such a cute children’s book. The illustrations are also so beautiful. One thing I would have to say though, I would think the language is a little too much for what I believe is the target audience that was intended for this. Little kids wouldn’t understand words such as some of the ones that were in it. But I think if the kid really sat and looked at it, I believe they would get it. Other than that, I think this book is really enjoyable. I don’t want to say much at all because I would love for you all to read it, but I would definitely rate this 3/5 stars!


Anywho, this is a new addition and is now available for checkout in our New Additions section! Come check it out!

Goodreads Rating: 3.69/5 Stars